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Nilfisk FOOD produce equipment for surface cleaning in the food area. The products are designed to do all the cleaning steps used for cleaning in food production areas.

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Food & Beverage Market

Retail, Institutional & QSR Market
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Main Stations 

Cleaning stations including pump for pressure and option for extra satellites. The frequency controlled pump makes up to 25 bar and is designed for up till 4 users. 





Variable water boosters which can supply cleaning stations with pressured water from 5-40 bar. Available for floor and wall mount. 




Automatic systems

Nilfisk FOOD have the most comprehensive range of automatic programmable solutions in the market.


Foamatic mainstation 


Compact units

Fully contained cleaning units, stationary and mobile, for water pressure of 7 to 15bar.





A wide range of accessories all living up to the high standard and quality of the entire Nilfisk brand. 

Gun kit


Cleaning station without pump. Must be connected to pressured water supply. Operates from 8 to 40 bars.



Cleaning satellites and mixing stations which are designed to produce and use pre-diluted cleaning compounds. 



Mix Station


Mobile Units 

Complete cleaning unit on wheels. Build in pump and compressor, producing up till 40 Bar of pressure, and with the possibility of two chemicals.

hybrid typhoon picture front 



Cleaning units for 2 to 80 bar water pressure both for kitchens/restaurants etc. and for more demanding environ-ments.


yeti med Nilfisk logo 



We provide spareparts for all of our units in the productline.

Limiting Nozzles

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