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How to select the best cleaning solution for your Company?

1. Full range of cleaning solutions

Nilfisk FOOD provides highly reliable cleaning equipment that keeps your production premises hygienic and operational day after day and which is easy and safe to operate for the cleaning personnel.  In our portfolio we have local, centralized, decentralized and automatic systems with satellites that operate within 1 to 40 bar.

2. What is the best cleaning solution for YOUR INDUSTRY and YOUR BUSINESS in particular?

To answer this question most accurately, we have analyzed each market segment (Food & Beverage, Retail/Institutional/QSR) and each industry separately (Poultry, Meat, Fish and Seafood, Dairy) and after identifying their challenges and needs we have come up with specific recommendations for cleaning solutions for each market segment and industry:

BEST CHOICE recommendations guarantees maximum cleaning effectiveness in each specific industry and maximum value added benefits. You simply get all of it and much more!

BEST ALTERNATIVE recommendation guarantees maximum cleaning effectiveness in each specific industry at minimum cost.

3. Share best practices

Explore our equipment recommendations as well as tips & tricks for effective cleaning for each specific segment and industry:


Food & Beverage

Retail, Institutional & QSR

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